It is always amazing to me when someone discovers their calling at an early age and has the dedication and support to nurture their talent to take it to the next level.  Much is needed to become a success in the music industry but most important is the ability to connect with people with your music and reach them no matter what you have in common with them.  Our latest find seems to have found this already and looks to have a great future ahead of here.  Let us introduce Amelia Scalies.

Amelia Scalies

The talented singer songwriter from Pennsylvania has a passionate style that connects with audiences both young and old.  After hearing her music I was shocked to learn that Amelia Scalies is only 14 years old.  She reaches the heart strings of people by focusing on universal themes and the human experience.  Somehow she seems able to share experiences well beyond her years having performed throughout the Northeast United States to admiring audiences.

This past summer Amelia Scalies released her debut album I Should’ve Known.  The record features 11 original tracks and a touching cover of “Welcome To The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.  She shows her range on songs ranging from Alternative Rock to Contemporary Country.  The record opens with the rocker “Bottom Of The Ocean” which features an energetic drumbeat and vocals although the subject matter depicts loneliness and the darkness it brings.  The slowed down “Phoenix” features the raw power of Amelia’s voice skilled songwriting.  This one could be listened to over and over again.  On “Memory” she shows off her diversity singing heartfelt lyrics over a dark tribal rhythmic backbeat.  She looks to put these bad memories in her rearview mirror.  “More Than Words” was an rock surprise to me with its catchy hook and group singable chorus.  (I think I had the Extreme acoustic song of the same title in my head). The bouncey country tinged “Macey Brown (Green Eyed Girl) puts another spin on Amelia’s style.  This is an artist that could go in whatever direction she chooses.  I for one and excited to see what the future holds for this rising star.  Follow her rise at:

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