The streets of The Bronx in New York City are the origin of much of the underground B-Boy scene.  Breakdancing was for sure started there and many say ra[ took hold there before anywhere else.  The streets continue to turn out innovative and quality hip hop including our latest find Arsenal E’ Vega.

Arsenal E Vega

Calling the Bronx home definitely had an influence on Arsenal’s sound as he reckons back to the days of straight up flow.  He put out his first mixtape in 2010 which later demanded a re-release in 2012.  Since then the musical mind has put out five studio recorded mixtapes and five full-length music videos.

This past November Arsenal E’ Vega released his latest mixtape Ashes To Snow.  The 10 track record focuses on the lyrical flow of a man that knows how to use his words.  The opener “Illuminati Money” has a low key groove that will seep into your head as Vega spits his flow.  He brings in Freck Billionaire to help on the club ready “Make It Vibe”.  The beat will get the laziest asses moving and the lyrics will paint a picture that excites other parts of the body.  The tone is slowed down with a low bass beat on “Lords Of The Underground”.  The flow continues throughout “Greed Is Good” and the closer “Teenage Crime” where Arsenal E’ Vega seems to tell a story that is close to his heart about growing up through tough times.  If you enjoy rap music with a focus on storytelling lyrics go get a listen at:

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