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The key to a long career in music is to truly love the process. When enjoyment comes from the creation of songs, the rest will fall into place eventually. An artist who is a prime example of that is our new friend Azwel.

We caught up with the talented songwriter from NYC for a brief chat to get a little deeper into his mind. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what is the story behind the name Azwel?
had it since high school. It’s a shorted name of a longer one…

How would you describe your sound?
It changes from album to album, It’s always very melodic. All the different songs I write require a different arrangement from song to song. Lately, I’ve found that the quicker the album is written and recorded the stronger and more focused it is. Not too quick though…but just enough. 

Which bands have had the biggest influence on you?
Within the year I’ve listened to some Stereolab, Suede, Flaming Lips, Jens Lekman, but during the recording and writing process, not much is usually listened to other than when working on song mixes. Azwel is mainly influenced by the process alone of writing and creating without much outside interference.

What is your secret to lasting this long in the wild music industry?
I like the process, and there’s not much else that can compare. I have time for it. No wife, no kids, the songs are my kids. I think we need more songs in the world than kids anyway…more original songs anyway.

Rumor is that a new record Mind Caliber is coming out soon. How did that all come together?
It was a quick process. Maybe a month from beginning to end. I’m even done with the next album!
The new album is called Mind Caliber which is a shot back at the guys at Soulcalibur for releasing their new character AZWEL. I was going to call the album Soulcalibur, but I didn’t want to compromise the meaning at all

The video for the lead single “Disaster Zone” seems quite trippy. Where did the idea and all the cool effects come from?
Steve Orfanos at Playbyplay is our main guy for videos. We are always looking to do something new. I usually ask him to apply some after-effects, but this was his idea entirely. I usually storyboard a whole concept, but all I knew this time around was that I needed a video asap. 

How do you plan on getting the new music out there to new fans?
It will be on the main website, which is a link to the bandcamp address. Fans will be able to pay for it and download it right there. No digital distribution or spotify has been arranged yet. I suppose I’ll get that in order in months time, when it doesnt matter and all the fans already have the album. 

What does the future hold for Azwel?
New music, live performances, and some sharp turns

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