Hyland Church Releases Riveting Video for the Track “GO”

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Singer songwriter Hyland Church has recently released his riveting debut track as a solo artist, titled “GO” that is accompanied by a music video that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Hyland’s craft for creating music was evident at the age of twelve when he picked up a guitar. and just four years later he was touring the midwest as a member of a band. He moved to LA after and his career lurched further forward in the music industry as he worked with renowned artists, such as Renee Olstead, Electra and Greg Leon to name just a few. He spent years writing and producing music for other artists, until his recent decision to work solo on his debut album titled “Hyland Church.”

A Beautifully Crafted Visual Depiction

Both the track and the video give listeners the immediate impression that this is a very honest and raw story of love and loss. The video opens with an open road in the desert and follows him from a very up close and personal point of view as we see visual glimpses of the person he is writing about as well as himself without her and facing the impact of a significant loss. Guitar and violin are featured heavily in this single and these instruments introduce us to his story in a beautifully effortless way of setting the stage for the rest of the song.

His soothing vocals immediately compel listeners to crave more. The video shows close up shots of simple objects, such as shoes and a suitcase, but there is so much rich history behind the clever and intentional placement of these items. This song is different from many breakup tracks, as it is not angry or resentful, but more focused on the self realization of needing to let go in order to follow your dreams, no matter how challenging that can be.

The album features eight tracks that fuse together effortlessly, with each song giving us a deeper glimpse into Hyland Church as a person and an artist. His music is very relatable for a wide audience and he conveys a unique vulnerability both with his writing style and the instrumentals he pairs with his vocals.

Stay Up To Date on Everything Hyland Church

The video for “GO”, as well as the rest of the songs on the album, highlight Hyland Church’s unique ability to not only put lyrics onto paper, but to let the audience experience the story he is telling at a very intimate distance to the music. Be sure to check out the rest of his tracks on Spotify and connect with him on social media. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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