Pablo Embon Prepares To Brings Us ‘Reminiscent Moods’

reminiscent moods

The amount of music that can flow from a talented artist can sometimes amaze me. Creating songs is an art form that takes time to master. But when a musician has it down I guess it becomes as easy as speaking. One of our favorites, Pablo Embon is back with another full-length album of beautiful instrumentals.

Since 2004, Pablo has released 18 full albums. Not only that, but he also recorded, mixed and produced them all by himself. Pablo is a master of many of the crafts of music and his ability to tie them all together is second to none. The amount of music floating around in this man is impressive.

Next month, July 8th to be exact, Pablo Embon will release yet another record entitled Reminiscent Moods. The 12 track album is an approachable instrumental Jazz-Fusion collection, featuring several Jazz and contemporary music styles, including Modern Jazz, Funk, Latin, Alternative, World and other influences. The music was recorded in Israel between August 2018 and April 2019.

As Pablo explains “the idea behind this album is a retrospective look at ourselves in time as we progress in our lives, reinstating memories, patterns, and feelings from the past to leverage the creation of new ideas.” He is always looking to tell a story with his songs even without the use of lyrics.

The opener “All Stars Above” starts us off with an energetic beat coupled with pretty piano melodies and impressive bass guitar rhythms. Transitioning to “Getaway” we get a more smooth Jazz feel. The feeling of being in an elegant room where we all fit in just fine. All are welcome here.

On “Ocean Deep” Pablo Embon gets a little more experimental with big ambient sweeps layered behind synth and guitar for a full palette of sound. Relaxation is a standard emotion throughout the song. “Non Stop” turns up the pace and energy once again with a quick exotic beat pushing the multitude of other instruments to keep up the energy with their own style.

As the album continues through tracks such as “ I’m Still Here” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” the relaxed tones are speckled with imaginative inspiration that keeps the listener’s attention focused. The final track “Out of Tears” seems to put all the elements together for one final amalgamation of beautiful sounds. Imaginative and exotic, yet soothing and mesmerizing. This is the true power of the music of Pablo Embon.

To dive into more of his music and world head over to his WEBSITE.

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