IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Joyce Im Bartholomew

Joyce Im Bartholomew

A musician with a meaning and a message is very powerful. When they also have a great talent their message can go even further. Such is the case with our recent discovery Joyce Im Bartholomew. 

We had a chance to chat with the spiritual songwriter to get a deeper look into her passions. Enjoy the interview here:

What first drew you to songwriting and singing?

When I was the National Spokesperson for Pre-Born, which was Mission: Pre-Born back then, I felt compelled to write my own songs and tell my own stories. 

I have been singing since I was 8 years old both on and off stage in Los Angeles, and it was a natural love of mine to sing and perform. 

How would you describe the music of Joyce Im Bartholomew?

My music is eclectic, spriitual, and/or commenting on social issues from a Christian perspective. 

Since I am independent, I can create a song in any genre because I am not limited by someone telling me I must be a certain way.

Who and what has been your inspiration for this path into music?

Jesus Christ is my inspiration. He fills my soul and I have to express this through the power of music.

Tell us about your songwriting process. How does a song come together?

It is very hard. I usually have the inspiration and idea, then write the lyrics in a first draft format, with co-writers who will maybe do the next rewrites. I will also keep rewriting. One co-writer who is musically gifted will come up with instrumentation once I tell them how I want the song to sort of sound. This person or people will come up with possible melody lines as well, or I will come up with the melody line. This process goes back and forth via emails, phone, or Skype for as long as it takes until we all agree that we like it!

Your latest song and video for “Battle Is Spiritual” has real meaning. Can you tell us about it?

Yes, it refers to the spiritual battle of good vs evil, God vs Satan, that exists all the time in our world. And I wanted people to look past this temporal world and see the spiritual forces behind everything, ultimately turning to God for help. But because the topic is so broad, we wanted to focus the video on one aspect of a spiritual battle,which is drug/opioid addiction in today’s society, which is debilitating and starts very young these days! I wanted people to see that Satan wants people to be drug addicted and ruined, but God is our answer and gives us freedom and help.

What do you hope that your listeners take away from your music?

To know that God is real, and Jesus loves you, and is the answer to all of life’s problems. I want them to be inspired to seek something greater than what this life offers.

Give us some advice for other rising stars in the music world?

Well, I would not call myself a rising star! But, remain humble and grateful because you had a lot of help getting where you are. I thank God for providing help for me!

What does the future hold for Joyce Im Bartholomew?

I am still the National Spokesperson for Pre-Born!, the prolife organization, which has benefit concerts around the country. 

March For Life National Prayer Service 2020 probably again for third year in a row.

Babbie’s House Internet Radio interview and performance this summer, probably.

Sequel EP to my pro-life song, ‘What Was Your Name’, to be released at the end of this year!

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