What Background Music Should I Listen To When Playing Bingo?

Musical Bingo

As gamers across the world continue to flock to online bingo halls, this classic game continues to enjoy what is a remarkable renaissance indeed.

Packed with chances to win and as much fun as any game on the planet, bingo is quite rightly known for its thrills and spills that keep gamers on their toes throughout! Certainly, the social side of the game is another reason it is so beloved, with the opportunity to enjoy a few drinks and a night of gaming one that many take up!

Thanks to this party vibe, it comes as no surprise that bingo provides us a chance to unwind and listen to great music. The question is; what music exactly?

In this article, we will look to answer the question of what background music you should listen to when playing bingo. No matter your taste, you will find something to suit your style here, be it rock, rap or even classical!

So let’s take a look at the history of bingo before going deeper into the relationship between bingo and music – it is sure to be a fun one!

The history of bingo

The history of bingo is shrouded in mystery, with many theories abounding as to where this classic game actually originates. Some say that it dates back to as early as the 16th century when an Italian lottery called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia was first played. Others claim it began in France in the 1770s, while there are those who believe it is a direct descendant of an old English game called ‘Beano’.

Whatever its true origins, one thing is for sure – bingo has been around for centuries and shows no signs of disappearing any time soon!

Bingo first became popular in the UK in the early 20th century, with working-class women particularly taken by this new form of entertainment. At first, bingo was played in music halls and theatres up and down the country, before moving into dedicated bingo clubs in the 1930s.

The game really took off during World War II, when it provided a much-needed distraction from the horrors of war for British soldiers stationed abroad. In fact, bingo became so popular that the government actually rationed the amount of paper used to make bingo cards!

From its humble beginnings, bingo has grown to become a global phenomenon, with millions of people playing the game all over the world. These days, you don’t even need to leave your house to enjoy a game of bingo, as there are plenty of online bingo sites springing up all over, many with chat rooms. Exciting to be sure, but learning the appropriate chat room etiquette is a must beforehand.

On that note, let’s now take a look at the perfect background music for bingo, a decision which if you can get it correct will allow you to create your very own atmosphere in the comfort of your own home!

What is the best background music for bingo?

There are a few things to consider when choosing background music for playing bingo. Of course, you will want something fairly lively that will aid in the realisation of your bingo goals – that is; winning! So upbeat is a good idea, music that encourages focus yet which is not so intense that it will distract you from the name of the game.

With that in mind, here are a few genres of music which we think make for the perfect background soundtrack when playing bingo:


Pop music is the perfect genre for bingo because it is upbeat and often positive in nature. In addition, many pop songs are catchy and easy to sing along to, making them ideal for karaoke-style singalongs between games! From Abba to Zayn Malik, there is bound to be a pop artist out there whose music will get you in the mood for some bingo fun!


If you’re looking for something a little edgier than pop, then rock music could be the perfect choice for you. Rock songs are often high energy and full of attitude, making them great for getting pumped up for a night of bingo.


Believe it or not, classical music can be pretty good for concentration – something which is essential for any bingo player worth their salt! If you need to focus on the game and block out any distractions, then some classical tunes could be just what you need. Classical music is suitable for users of the mobile casino norway portal during the game, so they relax and win. Whether you’re a fan of Bach or Beethoven, there is sure to be some classical music out there that will help you concentrate on your bingo game.


Rap music is another excellent choice for background music when playing bingo. Like rock, rap is usually high energy and full of attitude, making it perfect for getting you pumped up for a night of bingo fun. What’s more, many rap songs are easy to sing along to, so you can join in with the chorus while you wait for your lucky numbers to be called!


So there you have it – a few ideas for the perfect background music to listen to when playing bingo. Whatever genre of music you choose, make sure it is something that gets you in the mood for some bingo fun! Happy gaming all and remember to enjoy!

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