After a crazy and rough weekend I went looking for some music that could ease my tired body and brain.   One genre that usually does this is Soul and relaxed R&B.  Our latest find BAIN adds some other genres to create quite an interesting and relaxed sound.


The Minneapolis, Minnesota group is made up of  Davis Bain (vocals, guitars, production), Erick “Afrokeys” Anderson (keyboards, production), and Jayanthi Kyle (vocals).  They have been making music in various bands for over a decade but only recently have they combined forces to create the sound known as BAIN.  This sound is an original take on R&B with influences from the world of funk, jazz, and even rock music.  Fans of artists such as Sade, Seal, and Maxwell are sure to enjoy BAIN as well.

Last month BAIN released their first official album Love In Blue.  The 8 track record shows off the talent on each member of the trio.  The opener “Plateau” has an innovative mixture of electronic and atmospheric sound to create something soft yet attention grabbing.  The vocal styling of Kyle is heartfelt and soulful.  We get to hear the voice of Davis Bain on “Let Me Know”.  The full soundscape behind his smooth voice swells and retreats like the waves of an ocean, and just as mesmerizing.  The funk shows its head on “The One” with a powerful bassline and glittering guitar to push the song forward.  The over 7 minute closer “After” seems to bring it all together with a dance floor friendly track that will get any toe tapping and mind diving into the music.  Keep tabs on BAIN at:


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