One of the most beautiful things about creating music is how spontaneous it can be.  Rarely are the best songs conceived and written while sitting alone with a pen and paper in hand just to write.  Our latest find Dav!d&Clara says his music is rarely planned, it just happens.

David and Clara

The sound that David and his computer Clara have created is a unique mix of industrial and electro noise with an experimental feel.  The project is a testament to an individual with a passion for creating music and learning along the way.  The latest Dav!d&Clara release H/U/M/A/N/ explores everything that a man and his computer can do.  The opener “Las Vegas” begins the journey with a dark and minimalistic feel that seems to build and encapsulate the full sound of your speakers.  It turns even more industrial on the bouncy track “Roborok”.  The attack of noise again seems to come from all angles.  The vocals take more of center stage on “One and Only” where David shares his heart and its thoughts over a powerful grinding background.  The closer “Robotic” lets Clara provide an array of beats to blend into a electronically pretty cacophony of sound that builds up and brings you down softly yet suddenly.  Very imaginative album.

We had the chance to sit down with David Castillo and his computer Clara to get a deeper look at the innovative music making team.  Enjoy the interview below:

So it is obvious from the start that Dav!d&Clara is not just a male/female songwriter duo. Tell us about the idea for the name?

Well Clara is a computer. I named her that after she crashed a few years ago. I was watching “Back to the future Part 3” while reprogramming her, and I decided to name her after Mary Steenburgen’s character, Clara Clayton. I thought it was a beautiful name that you just don’t hear that often these days. I have the ideas, she helps me turn it into a reality. Originally I went with the name “DAV!D” from 2008 to 2010. Then in 2011 I recorded an album called “Kokoro” which was a trainwreck. 18 songs that were actually demos, not mastered, total loss. I wrote maybe 1 or 2 good songs from it and that was it. But back on point, 2011 was when I decided to use both names, “DAV!D&CLARA”. Since then I’ve made. I just thought it would be cool. I did use the ! mark in my name because of P!nk, I wanted to stand out, and I love her music.

Your music seems to jump in and out of a few different genres. How would you describe your sound?

My music is always electronic, that doesn’t change. I dip into electronic dance and electro rock with some industrial for good measure. My sound is whatever I feel like the day of me creating it. I would describe it as electronic/industrial.

Tell us about your musical background that led you to this point.

I was initially inspired by Gwen Stefani’s solo single “What you waiting for?” in 2004. That sparked the fire. I knew I wanted to make music. But I didn’t know how. I tried learning guitar and piano, but it just didn’t work out. A few years I went just writing lyrics with no music, I still have the songs, but haven’t used many of them. In 2006 I discovered British producer Richard X and his album “Richard X Presents his X-Factor Volume 1” thanks to Kelis, who recorded a song with him for the album. Musically, “X-Factor” is a collection of his amazing ideas with different vocalists. That’s where I decided I would make music myself. From there I found a music program, and started learning on my own.

Being from the wide open state of Arizona how has your music been received locally? More online fans?

Not received well, I have some fans here, but mostly it’s acoustic and rock here. I have more online fans, mostly in California and the UK.

Making your computer an invaluable part of your music, tell us about the songwriting process.

It’s pure magic, that’s the only way I can describe it.

It seems like you have been developing your music for a while. What led to you starting to record it and introduce it to the world?

I wanted people to hear the music. I wanted to share a part of my heart with everyone.

What is next for Dav!d&Clara?

Right now just trying to get people to listen to the music, and download it if they want, it’s free!


Keep an eye and ear on what is to come from Dav!d&Clara at:


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