Bat House Bring The House Down With “Yarn”

Bat House

If you’re looking for some extremely catchy synthesized sounds that just might get lost, you will probably want to check out the new track from Bat House, “Yarn.” Very rhythmic and interactive, this track is just one of the many that will appear on the new self-titled album due out on April 14th.

Now I know what you’re thinking.. There are plenty of Indie artists out there, so how do you know that this is worth the listen? Well, it’s simple really. There’s a vibe to this group that is definitely unlike any other. The distortion within the track and the vocals make them seem so far away, and it really allows the instruments to take over. And let me tell you, the instruments are pretty kick-ass.

 Bat House Kicks Ass And Takes Names With New Track

By the time you’re just 30 seconds into the track, there’s so much going on for you to dive into that it may cause a sensory overload. There’s no simplicity within this one, it’s just pure sound that makes its way into your eardrums at lightning speed. You really won’t regret one second of it. The best part about it is that there is no sense of repetition here, so you’ll absolutely never get bored. There’s really so much about this track to rave about that it’s hard to contain it within just one article.

The vocals are pretty trippy, and the synthesized sounds really capture your attention and take you to another world. Looking to get away from life for a bit? This is definitely the type of sound that you’ll want to check out. These guys really just make it impossible to dislike this one.

You can check out “Yarn” over on their SoundCloud, and make sure to look out for their new album in April.

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