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following bugs

We recently had the chance to review the full concept album Unseen And Beyond by talented multi-instrumentalist Sambadi Majumder.  His innovative instrumental songs can truly inspire emotions.  He has returned to give us an inside look into one of the most interesting songs off the record “Following Bugs”.

Following Bugs:-  A Gateway to a Story – by Sambadi Majumder


The opening track on the album Unseen and Beyond (the debut album by instrumental artist Sambadi Majumder) is called “Following Bugs”. The name of the track holds an important significance; however that is for the listener to find out, with the help of a clue given at the end of this article. As stated earlier the track is the first in the 8 track concept album, which is purely instrumental and attempts to paint a picture where the listener can get acquainted with the journey of a “soul” in strange and treacherous world. The track “Following Bugs” portrays the descent of the soul into the strange world, mentioned earlier. The song is meant to paint the picture of the protagonist’s unpleasant experiences on the way to this world, it turns and tumbles through a dark hole all the while facing countless adversities, both mentally and physically. The song provides the opportunity to the listener to paint a picture based on one’s own imagination about the obstacles faced by the protagonist and the general mental state of the protagonist. The song allows the listener to be the protagonist and create their own story, loosely based around the basic meaning of the song. In fact the same is true for the entire album. All the songs have their own individual meaning and purpose, while also being tied together in the grand story that the album tries to narrate, however the listener can fill up the dots and make a story based around the existing one through the power of imagination.

Clue to uncover the meaning behind the name of the song:-

1) the Artist, Sambadi Majumder ( that’s me) loves to watch cartoons.

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