Close Talker tease new album with “Okay Hollywood”

Close Talker Okay Hollywood

Canadian Indie band, Close Talker, just announced, the released their first single from their third album “Okay Hollywood”.

The first single “Okay Hollywood,” out now, is the perfect release to hype up the upcoming third album, “Lens,” out this Spring.

“Okay Hollywood” is a sarcastic anthem poking fun at people’s tendencies and taking themselves and their own agenda’s too seriously. Everyone has their own nature and unplanned strategy to gain worth for themselves in the world. However we believe the most common mistake we can make is imposing the importance of our victories onto others. The ‘one uppers’ and ‘people pleasers’ of the world are where the loudest opinions get headlines. The standout track is a light hearted reality-check, a sober reminder to remain authentic.

Documenting the idea or tendency to seek self importance even at the cost of strain to others, is exactly what “Okay Hollywood” displays in its alt-rock feel. The rock-y, anthmatic feel is perfect to sing along with. The conflicting harmonies on synth and rich bass layered together make the lyrics all that more impact, stopping to make you think.

Close Talker is now a three-piece, after losing their bassist in 2015 and have spent the last 18 months touring and doubling their workload. Will Quiring (Vox), Matt Kopperud (Guitar) and Chris Morien (Drums), have worked hard to make sure the group continues. The loss presented difficult challenges to play sophomore record, 2014’s Flux, live. But the three marched on and worked harder than ever to produce “Lens”.

From the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Close Talker as a band name isn’t necessarily a statement to all the ‘close talkers’ out there, or to indirectly joke about the message to Matt’s local butcher, who along with his lazy eye makes for a very uncomfortable conversationalist. It’s a name the original four members believed was sticky and memorable, and it’s worked.

“Lens” is set to be out, Friday 12th May, 2017.

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EU Tour Dates:
May 22 – London UK – Old Blue Last
May 23 – Mainz DE – Schon Schoen
May 24 – Stuttgart DE – Gate Galao
May 25 – Munster DE – Rotel Lola
May 26 – Wetzlar DE – Kulturzentrum Franzis
May 31 – Berlin DE – Privateclub
June 1 – Rotterdam NL – V11
June 2 – Zwolle NL – Hedon
June 3 – Hulst NL – Vestrock Festival
June 7 – Basel CH – Le Parterre
June 8 – Koln DE – Stereo Wonderland
June 10 – Hamburg DE – About Songs Festival