Summer Starter: A Certain Energy’s, “Work In Progress”

A Certain Energy

If you’re looking to kick off your summer with a hot new batch of head-bangers, A Certain Energy is right up your alley. His new EP, A Work in Progress, is a big step in the right direction for the hip-hop newcomer. With just 7 songs, he’s got a wide variety of tunes to pick from. Every song on the project comes with its own vibe and sound. Clearly, he’s been inspired by some of the greats in nearly every genre of music, but the blend he’s come up with is one all his own.

A Certain Energy: Young, Talented and Hungry

Check out his most popular single from the EP, “Know That”.



Here, A Certain Energy expresses a pressing lust for fame and all that comes with it. He’s got some serious talent and wants the whole world to recognize that. Though he’s definitely not the only person out there longing for the limelight, there’s one major difference between A Certain Energy and most of his competition.

He’s willing to work for it.  

He’s devoted to the grind and he’s not afraid to share it. Currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, his natural aggression and work ethic shines like diamonds in his unbending delivery. His lyricism is rhyme-based and vocabulary driven, making for some truly authentic material. As he continues to develop, he’ll probably draw attention from more classic artists in the industry like The Game and DMX.
His flow? Well, he’s got a few clear inspirations. Artists like Drake and Logic are obviously on his “Most Played” playlist. On songs like “Downfall”, his hooks sound straight out of Thank Me Later and his verses are headed that way too. In time, he’ll begin to find his own voice and we’ll catch a glimpse of the real man behind the microphone. And from what I’ve seen here, I think we’ll like it. 

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You can see more of A Certain Energy on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Spotify.

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