When an artist pours his heart and soul into his songwriting it becomes evident very quickly. You can sense the passion through both the instrumentation and the lyrics.  One such artist that comes to mind is Ben Knighten.

Ben Knighten

The acoustic folk singer/songwriter hails from Colorado where he has been getting some good recognition.  Ben Knighten was nominated for “Best Folk Artist of 2012” and “Best Folk Artist of 2013” by the Colorado Springs Independent.  He is a regular at many different venues in the area ranging from coffee shops to breweries.  His music has been described as “addictive, & upbeat, complete with passionate & powerful subject matter”.

Next on the horizon is the release of his third album entitled Light The Way.  The 10 track record will be celebrated with an Album Release show at Echo Brewing in Erie on Saturday, March 5th, 2016.  Right from the opening title track “Light The Way” the passion is plenty.  The minimalistic melody couples perfectly with the lyrics dripping with emotion.  There is some great acoustic guitar talent shown on “Stranger” with a slow building beat coming to a powerful climax.

Ben is never afraid to put it all out there as on “Folly” where he opens up about some past mistakes and how he dealt with them.  Music is often the answer when in times of heartbreak.  The songs can be upbeat as well as on “Brighter”.  The peppy track bounces back and forth drawing the listener in close and putting a smile on their face.  The album culminates with the full sounding “As The World Spins Around”.  There is a full wall of sound created here to surround the listener and make them feel warm and comfortable.

Find out more and take a listen at:  http://www.benknightenmusic.com/

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