The true artist must always be innovative if they seek to stay on top of their genre. Music is constantly changing and new tools are changing the game at a rapid pace. Our latest discovery Ben Vera has been at the forefront of his genre for years.

 Ben Vera

In a career that has spanned the last 10 years DJ Ben Vera has been at the leading edge of the dance club scene. Based in the very competitive Los Angeles market has forced Ben to always keep his act fresh and original. He spins all kinds of music from hard hitting dubstep to hip hop and even experimental electronic music. He has played at the largest clubs in the world, toured with names like Steve Aoki and Black Eyed Peas and has appeared on over 200 TV shows.

His latest evolution has him at the cutting edge of the video DJ industry. He has developed a visual software that allows the DJ to control the video effects using body movements from the DJ booth. This interactive magic makes a DJ Ben Vera show truly unique and fun to watch. His latest single is “Daywalker”. It stays true to his form in mixing creative sounds together to create something bigger than the sum of its parts. It sounds almost schizophrenic at times but come together quite nicely. Have a listen for yourself here: 

Keep tabs of the ever evolving Ben Vera at:

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