In this day in time of the music business a band can not sit on the laurels of their latest album for too long. The music fan of today is fickle and has an attention span that could use some ADD medication. We would like to bring back to your attention The OK Social Club.

OK Social Club

The Scottish alternative rock band is back with a new single about 12 months since the release of their debut album Nothing In Common. The group has continued a steady rise to stardom from their formation in 2011. They did push the debut record getting out there and playing live shows including appearances at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay and The Wickerman Festival in Scotland. They also won Best Live Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

During all this they continued to write new songs and now are ready to release a new single to hold the fans over while they are in the studio recording their follow up. The first single is entitled “Threads”. Frontman Raff Eragona said “Of all the new songs, “Threads” is the closest thing to anything from ‘Nothing In Common’ but has hints of what to expect from our next record. It is a staccato alt-rock song has that live feel that makes you want to sing along. The accompanying b-side “Made In The Shade” is a fun minimalistic track that lets the listener focus on the strong vocals. This is definitely a good start that will keep fans entertained and waiting patiently for the new record.

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