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Just keep churning out the hits!  That seems to be the motto of our friends from Better Daze Records.  They have accepted that the days of people listening to complete albums from song 1 to song 10 are almost gone.  Thier answer is to release one song at a time and promote it well.  There is an album at the end of it all for those that still want to group it all together but Better Daze will leave that up to the listener.  

Creating “music for the sake of music”, Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are the musicians and driving forces behind Better Daze Records. Wanting to avoid the guidelines set forth by big labels and distributors in the name of mainstream music, the two set out to create Better Daze Records as a new way to experience and express music.  

Ready For More From Better Daze

The team at Better Daze Music has announced the release of the latest single from their Musical Schizophrenia album, “Sail Away”.  The mellow melody creates a beach feel and with lyrics like “I’d like to sail away into a brighter day, float upon a dream’s wind, just let the light of day push all the clouds away, feel your love again and again”. The song conveys a poignant message of a man who wants to escape reality to find a lost love, and a man who wants someone to take his hand and “love him until the end of his days, to always hold him tight, light up his darkest nights, tolerate his foolish ways”.

All parts of the track seem to build and  blend together into a sweet song with an upbeat feel that offers a sound fully encapsulates the listener into this warm and welcoming place with Roger Cole and Paul Barrere there to lead the way.  

You can find the song here:



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