Hawley Penfold – Seizing The Moment With New Music Video

Hawley Penfold

In the mainstream pop music industry today it takes much more than just a good song to reach the masses and gain a fanbase.  A rising artist must become a complete package showing off a variety of skills and talents.  A pretty face helps too.  Our recent find Hawley Penfold seems to have it all going in the right direction on her rise to stardom.

The native of Colorado is a talented and driven young performer who has her feet firmly planted in music, acting, and modeling.  Creating this larger than life image is coming together to put her career on the fast track.  It is obvious from the get go that Hawley Penfold is willing to put in the hard work needed to become a successful artist.  With her youthful spirit and mature lyricism, Hawley is a truly unique performer who never stops impressing audiences and industry insiders alike.

The Positive Energy of Hawley Penfold


Last week Hawley Penfold debuted her music video for “Seize The Moment”.  It is a powerful pop song with elements of EDM and party genres.  There is a positivity in the song that creates a happy energy that becomes contagious.  The extremely well-made music video spreads this message even further through dancing young adults having a good time.

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