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Andru Gomez

Being in a band is great experience when like minds are able to come together and combine to make interesting music.  Even with the best of bandmates there will always be some music in your head that just will not work in that setting.  This is where an artist can turn to a solo project without causing any strife within the group.  Our friend Andru Gomez from Astronaut & The Trees had some songs bouncing around in his head and turned to a solo side project to release them.  

The Montana born and Idaho raised singer-songwriter has been in the real world earning experiences for quite a while.  Andru Gomez has spent the last eighteen years behind bars, not in handcuffs or an orange jumpsuit, but rather slinging cold martinis, pouring a rich foamy brew or stirring up a mean Old Fashioned.  Andru Gomez is known for sharing his stories from behind the bar and entertaining the drinking crowd.  The transition to the stage was not that difficult at all.  He continues to share his stories with the use of clever live guitar looping, subtly crafted lyrics and bluesy Harmonica.  It seems like a lot for a solo performer but Andru seems to pull it off.  

Andru Gomez Doing It All Himself

Last month Andru Gomez released his solo EP College Radio.  The 4 song record shows a different side and a lot of diversity for the talented musician.  The title track opener “College Radio” sets the tone with a welcoming vocal delivery accompanied by a catchy melody and some friendly fiddle provided by Nathaniel Tucker.  The Americana takes over on “Calling It Quits”.  The bluesy feel punctuated by a mellow tone and punchy harmonica paints a picture of Andru Gomez performing just for you but with a backing band that you can’t see.  There is a darker vibe to “Wichita” which draws some from the outlaw country music genre.  Andru Gomez’s voice here has that gravelly touch that draws you in.  Enjoy a taste here:



The record closes with “Go To The West” continuing that darker vibe while telling a story that pours emotion out there for all to experience along with the songwriter.  This is music to just sit introspectively with and think about where you are and where you are going.  

Get a listen here:

The EP is also available on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

Keep up with what is next for Andru Gomez at:

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