Janna Pelle — Your Next “Favorite Customer”

Janna Pelle

When I was younger, I wanted a keyboard.

Of course, this was one of the very many things that I asked for that I really had no intention of using correctly — it just seemed like it would be a cool thing to play with. Let’s just say I never mastered the different sounds that could come from that keyboard.

Janna Pelle — “Alt Pop with a Wink”

Anyway, that bit of a tangent that I just went on definitely has some purpose here. Janna Pelle is an experimental artist that released an album called Key Change on April 9 of this year, which is described as a “concept album.” Janna herself has described her sound as “alt pop with a wink.” I’ll be honest that I was a bit perplexed by that description — until I heard one of the tracks from this new album, “Favorite Customer.”

“Favorite Customer” comes neatly packaged along with a very interesting (and a little bit strange) music video. You can tell that the keyboard and synthesizer are going to be heavily featured in this track from the beginning.

A steady beat bellows through your speakers while the accompanying video depicts Janna in what seems to be a doctors office. As she’s about to be injected with what looks to be ramen noodle broth, the tempo of the track picks up as does the pitch in her voice.

There’s a fairly steady rhythm throughout the song that picks up when the chorus kicks in, but it’s a nice beat for you to bob your head along to. There’s a nice vocal range to Janna Pelle’s voice, and as she sings directly into the camera with a white background, you can feel the vocals pulsating within your body. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the song is about having a crush on her doctor/nurse, which is only solidified by watching the video.

As pills are lined up on her face throughout the video and she’s strangely dancing with the nurse down the otherwise empty hallway, the tempo picks up yet again and “am I your favorite?” is repeated numerous times, leaving with you with quite the lasting impression. Overall, this is a very interesting experimental track filled with finely-tuned synthesizer and keyboard elements.

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