Gangsta Rabbi – Keeps Spreading His Legacy

Gangsta Rabbi Tommy

It has been a very busy year for our friend The Gangsta Rabbi.  Nothing seems to slow him down and there have been plenty of obstacles thrown in his way.  It is amazing that he keeps driving forward and creating more music for us all to hear.

The experimental musician has never felt bad for himself as he dealt with everything from Bipolar Disorder to Cancer to his current bout with Leukemia that doctors say there is no chance of getting past.  Did Steve Lieberman aka The Gangsta Rabbi curl up and wallow in sadness?  Hell no!  He decided to create as much music as he possibly could before the inevitable.

The latest offering is his version of the classic rock opera by The Who called Tommy.  The Gangsta Rabbi take on the record is quite experimental and has a thrash metal taste to it.  All 20 tracks from the record are tackled here in his own unique style.

The Gangsta Rabbi Prepares To Go Out With A Bang

There is also a farewell tour in progress as The Gangsta Rabbi tries to say goodbye in his own unique and personal  way.  Enjoy a video here of his performance at KJ Farrell in his hometown of Bellmore, New York back in March:


Keep up with what comes next here:

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