King Brice – Back To Breathe Life Into Hip Hop

King Brice

Staying in the music game for a long time is extremely hard.  Styles are constantly changing as audiences follow the new shiny sound.  I think many of us can agree that the current mainstream pop music has evolved into something that is just crap.  Artists that can hold on to the classics but put their own spin will always attract true lovers of music.  King Brice is a good example of staying true to the game.

The artist and producer was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti but spent the majority of his youth in Essex County, New Jersey.  King Brice, aka R.E.P.T.I.L.E (Rhymes Extremely Precise To Increase Lyrical Enhancement), was raised on the old school giants of hip hop and rap and caught the fever of wanting to create his own music.  His music is a fierce mash-up of old-school flair and contemporary production finesse to bring his unique take on an over-saturated hip-hop scene.  At the turn of the century King Brice was at the top of the game landing on The Life Soundtrack with major-label recording artists like Xzibit, Juvenile, Nature and Ja Rule.  The next few years he toured the globe with big names grabbing the attention of audiences everywhere.  Then King Brice stepped away for a while to work on his own life and charities that touched his personality.

The Return Of King Brice

Now King Brice is back with a new single to show that the classic hip hop sound can be just as fresh as ever.  The track “Don Wepa” hits with a hardcore and unique beat that gets heads bopping while the lyrical flow builds to an all out attack on the mind and senses.  This is a song that demands multiple listens to take in all the directions that the melody and vocals can take you.

Go get a listen for yourself at:—king-brice-official-music (uk)

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