Between Kings Release “Antidote” For Upcoming “Young Love” EP

Alternative pop and rock band Between Kings has recently released their single “Antidote” which is their first release from their new EP Young Love dropping on April 24th! While the band is originally from Australia, they are currently based in Los Angeles. 

The rising band is made up of vocalist Nic Machuca, guitarist Jordan Coyne, bassist Jayden Marsh, and drummer Nick Fanning. They take inspirations from all over from punk bands Blink-182 to classic rock like The Beatles. 

Starting off the song, the band created an ambient setting that sets the tone for the song. Machuca’s vocals are smooth and present, but does not overshadow the rest of his band mates. There is also this amazing contrast between the stripped down piano and catchy guitar riffs. They were able to build up the song with dynamics and continuing to add different layers to the song to keep it interesting. 

Their idea to create a song that many can relate to is most definitely executed in this song. Personally, this song was very close to home for me, and the way that they are able to create a song with so much depth and feeling is going to catapult their music beyond where they are now. Their ability to incorporate their techno and electronic sounds into this punk rock song shows their versatility as musicians, but also shows how their inspirations are pulled from so many different places.

The band says that ‘Antidote’ is a song about coming to terms with the harsh reality that mental health issues plague modern society… Whether it be anti-depressants or other forms of self-medication, some of us simply can’t get through a day without an antidote. This song touches on these sensitive topics regarding depression and anxiety and comes from a place of honesty as mental health affects so many of us including some of us in the band. So, whether your antidote is music, medication or whatever else helps you get through your day, sometimes it’s okay to admit that we all need a little help.”

Between Kings have embodied what it means to understand the world through music. They are able to take such a huge topic and shine a light on it, and relate to those who feel like they may be the only ones experiencing these things. There was a possibility that the song could become another cliché, but their tremendous execution of this idea kept that from happening. I truly hope that their music catapults to the widest of audiences possible because people need to hear Between Kings. 

Keep up with the incredible band through their social media links, and let us know what you think about their new single! 

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