We love to see bands keep working hard after we feature them on Indie Band Guru.  There is no lucky magic that just turns an artist into a household name.  So keep working hard and we will be here to help you on your musical journey,

Back in July we introduced you to BigBangZoom and their original folk rock sound.  They write songs that tell a story and have a purpose.  The goal is to open the listener’s eyes to society through their ears.

Today BigBangZoom is back with another video that will make you think.  The funky dark soul sound of ‘Black Satin Eyes’ addresses the atrocities of human trafficking and the sex slave trade.  It is a strong message.  Watch it below:

BigBangZoom has made a mark by putting music and slide show videos on Youtube and it has earned them many thousand views and a springboard to earn new fans.  Another video that we enjoy watching is The Mojo Maker Man.  Enjoy it below and keep an eye on BigBangZoom:


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  1. Mohannad Alhuzaim

    Real music….Real emotions….This guy has things to sing about….Man this guy is truly blessed with talented vocals!!!God bless you all!!!!