The Country genre has picked up a lot of mainstream momentum over the last few years.  Music markets, such as NYC where Indie Band Guru is based, are catching on the the raw emotion and exciting storytelling of country artists.  Our recent find Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders are looking to take it even further.

The band is based in Australia but has members of The Rough Riders straight from the heart of Country music that is Nashville, Tennessee.  They are not afraid to add in some other influences to develop an original Billy Roberts sound.  You will hear some alt-rock, blues, and even folk in their music.  

The group is set to release their second Album entitled Go By Myself this October.  The lead single is the fun “Seen It All Before”.  The groove will get your toes tapping as Billy Roberts belts out emotional lyrics that demand attention.  The pounding drums keep the energy going throughout.  Have a listen for yourself here:



You can find more at: 

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