Music is meant to create feelings and emotions in the listener.  When you can use your songwriting to motivate someone to become a better person and live a better life, you have done your job.  Our recent find Radio Drive does just that with his songs.

Radio Drive

The man behind the musical project is Kevin Gullickson.  When his band Radio Drive disbanded he decided to continue using the name for his solo career as it had an ultimate meaning to him.  He is a prolific songwriter that aims to get his music in the hands of listeners as soon as possible.  Kevin’s lyrics provide a blueprint on lifting your spirits to go for your goals and pursue the true happiness that you deserve.  The music keeps expanding as Radio Drive builds a sonic library of interesting sounds and techniques to create constantly interesting soundscapes.  Expanding beyond the typical mainstream song structure has set a path for long lasting success.

For the newest Radio Drive tracks Grammy Award winner Gene Paul, son of the legendary Les Paul, was brought in to mix and master.  His experience with such legends as Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, The Rolling Stones, and John Coltrane is spread to these new songs creating a professionalism that is hard to top.  The guitar led track “Borders” draws the listener in close with meaningful lyrics right from the start.  The impressive bluesy guitar riffs stand out to show a truly talented individual.  Radio Drive slows it down on “New Direction” for a more emotional tone that seems to spread a warm blanket over you that later gets ripped away with an uptick in the energy and some attention grabbing guitar and drum fills.  “A Taste Of Heaven” continues that attention hogging songwriting style that demands multiple listens to take in all the lyrics and instrumental adventures.  There is a full sonic palette to explore here.  Another standout “Humanity” seems to be more minimalistic but there are many layers at work to fill your ears with sound.  Kevin’s vocal delivery here pours with feelings and preaches of a positive message of acceptance and creating a better world for all of us to live in.  Become part of Radio Drive’s modern world at:

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