As the world of independent music grows bigger and bigger it has becomes easier for small bands to produce large sounds that translate well to the ears of internet listeners.  Bands with only 2 members have been popping up all over recently and getting the full respect they deserve with the sonic output they can produce.  One of our favorites that is still relatively under the radar is Astronaut And The Trees.

Astronaut & The Trees

The 2 piece from Clarkson, Washington is Andru Gomez on guitar, harmonica, and vocals and Will Thompson banging the drums.  Together they create a rock sound that blurs the lines of alt-rock, psychedelia, and raw punk.  Somehow they put enough emotion and power into each that it sounds as if they have an army of musicians behind them.

The latest sample is their third single “Kinda Like The Day”.  What begins with a mellow repeating guitar riff sprinkled with a pretty melody and droning vocals builds into a whirlwind of sound.  The angry power that comes in at the 2 minute mark will wake any listener to grab hold and prepare for the ride.  The song doesn’t let up there as it degrades into an all out raw punk explosion reminiscent of early Nirvana before the grunge explosion.  This is a song for lovers of music.  You can find out more at: 

Have a listen and purchase the track at: 

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