We recently discovered the innovative music of Blade Of Grass.  With the amount of sounds carrying on throughout their music we were curious how they were able to reproduce it live. Mike from the group was able to give us a little insight:

“As we rehearse and put together the live show to support our recent “Skydream” EP release (stream tracks on our soundcloud) it has proven to be quite the project to get the computers, analog synthesizers, and “good old fashioned” band instruments (guitars/drums/bass) To “play nicely” together.

To coordinate everything to play together nicely requires midi connections, a ton of planning, and in ear monitors with personal mixes for each member (for instance, the drummer needs to have his dreaded “click track” – yuck). And of course: lots and lots of power outlets. And did we mention a ton of rehearsal too? Yes, that too.

Here are a couple of short videos of us rehearsing parts of our set courtesy of our Instagram:


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Josh runs it down

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The payoff from all this work is that we can get exactly the sound we want, which we are planning to unleash on the Los Angeles area in early 2016.”

We are looking forward to it.

Written by Blade of Grass

Based in El Sereno (Los Angeles), Blade of Grass makes West Coast Electronic Space Rock and their latest EP  “Skydream” came out on October 20th.  Check it out here: http://bladeofgrassmusic.com/skydream/

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