If music is truly your career path you must continue to push forward no matter what.  If the passion is there this is never a problem.  Love what you do and you will never really “work” a day in your life.  One musician that we know is very dedicated is our friend Kenny Fame.  

Kenny Fame

The New York City based artist has been doing it for quite some time and never seems to slow down.  He is either in the studio writing and recording new music or out there promoting it.  That is a proven recipe for success and Kenny Fame is on his way.

The latest release is his brand new record Pompadour.  Kenny Fame continues to explore many different genres and this one is quite the throwback.  There is an elegant beauty to the atmospheric sounds filling the background as Kenny slows it down with mellow vocals slightly buried in the mix.  Some more experimentation takes hold on “Hometown Glory” as the easy listener builds to stops and starts of impending energy and excitement.  His voice is still the highlight as it can go in either direction.  The album closer “Stay (For Jazz)” is a new sound for the artist.  Kenny Fame tickles the guitar providing some interesting melodies but the vocals here just do not seem to match.  There is a mystique to the instrumentation but some elements seem  little forced at times.  The growth is there and an artist that is willing to take risks will always keep his fans entertained.

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