Blind Uncle Harry Says “Burn Down The High School”

The folk artist is back with a new single, Blind Uncle Harry is not afraid to make a statement with his music. This track has plenty of Harry’s distinctive wit and humor. Separating himself from much of the hipster folk-pop of today and aligning with much of the unique sounds and storytelling of 60s folk artists.

From Bloomington Indiana, Blind Uncle Harry describes his sound as “hillbilly hippie shreddin’ folk rock.” Some sharp blues guitar gives this track a little bit of that fire Blind Uncle Harry sings about. With a searing tone, a solo rips through the track. A straightforward drum beat keeps the rhythm, all the members of the band are pretty loose on the beat giving the song an authentic folk feel.

At its core, a good folk song is about its story and its message. “Burn Down the High School” muses about the education system sucking the life out of the young. The lyrics take a lighthearted attitude and ask the question: what if it all just burned down. The song avoid being pretentious and taking itself too seriously.

Doo-wop vocals highlight the chorus and fit well into the sound of the sound. the vibe harkens back to some 60s experimental folk, and thematically “Burn Down the High School” matches that with its anti-institution message.

Check out some more of Blind Uncle Harry with his distinctive folk style. He has been releasing plenty of singles over the past two years along with playing shows full of that crazy live energy. Keep up with the artist to follow what they are up to in the future.

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