The hard rock genre is one that gets passed over way too much in today’s fake pop music mainstream.  It seems that the masses want easily digestible simple music with absolutely no substance.  We don’t all need to fit into that pocket that they want.  There are plenty of real fans out there that want solid heavy music to party with.  The band Blindside Thunder seems to have proven this.

Blindside Thinder

The Providence, Rhode Island based band pushes the hard rock and party genre envelope with their unique style that they have named “Rebel Rock”.  The high energy sound is full of creative hooks, grinding guitars, huge drums, and party sing along vocals.  Blindside Thunder is unapologetic with their tongue in cheek lyrics that preach the party atmosphere and welcome everyone to join in the fun.  And it seems that everyone is joining with their affectionately named Legion Of Thunder fanclub growing at a rapid pace.  The fans are as big a part of the band as the musicians themselves with this home-grown rock ‘n roll attitude.

After 2 impressive albums the band has returned to the studio for work on their third tentatively titled 100 Proof.    Indie Band Guru got an advance listen to the first couple tracks off the new album.  “Tequila” is a straight up in-your-face rock song with crunchy guitars and vocals to tell you the story of a wild night fueled by alcohol.  The other track “Human Race” is even more epic.  The guitar swells will have anyone playing air guitar before you know it.  The all inclusive party atmosphere is extra evident as Blindside Thunder wants to “Party with the Human Race”

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