Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation for everyone.  That doesn’t always happen in my crazy world of going to shows, music festivals, and generally searching out new original music.  What I do like to do for myself on Sundays is take some time to step back and listen to some soothing classical music.  I still try to always find something new and today discovered Amir Khan.

The American composer has been composing, performing, and arranging for over 20 years.  Amir’s main instrument is keyboard but he knows other instruments well including Classical sitar and tabla.  His other drive is exploring new music technologies and media.  This has come together well for him as his sound has developed into something quite exotic yet classical and ambient at the same time.

Last year Amir Khan released his second full length original album Images From Past.  The 8 track record explores the wide range of Amir’s sound.  The opening title track “Images From Past” is a warm trance inducing song that welcomes the listener.  The computer element shows its head on “DW Theme”.  There is an array of noise creating an attacking track that wakes you from your trance.  “Sacred Mantra” continues the sound exploration with blips and bleeps that capture the attention and draw you in.  An aspect of african drumming is heard on “Dueling Dhool” showing that there is no limit to what Amir Khan will use to make an interesting song.

You can experin his talent for yourself at:


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