When we come across an artist that truly shows the drive to succeed we like to keep tabs on them and help them on their quest in any way we can.  You may remember us introducing you to Jana Pochop back in April of last year.  Well, she is back and with more drive than ever.

Jana Pochop

The folk/pop singer/songwriter now based in Austin, Texas is hard at work developing her career and pushing forward toward her dream.  It seems that her lessons of the road with fellow singer/songwriter Susan Gibson are paying off.  Jana recently send us an advance preview of her newest EP Throats Are Quarries due for release next month.  The 5 track record shows the development and the high end production of Daniel Barrett.  The opener “When Your Soul Leaves Your Body” sucks you right in to her sweet vocal style and mesmerizing tones.  There is a lot of sound coming at you from every angle here if you pay close attention.  It combines to form a nice wall of sound.  “Throw You Forward” is a more straightforward acoustic guitar track but there are pieces of added noise to swell around your body as you listen.  Jana spices it up a little on “Middle Of My Chest”.  It is a bit faster than the other tracks and has a more pop feel.  This is my favorite song of the record and probably the one most ready for the radio.  Barrett adds some more great production to this one.  The closing love song “Adore You” features Jana’s sultry voice peppered with a drum machine beat that pushes it forward as it mellows you out at the same time.  You can get a listen and preorder Throats Are Quarries at http://janapochop.bandcamp.com/



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