The explosion of personal computers and affordable synths have made entering the world of making music much more accessible.  With a little imagination and creativity a musician can add all the sounds and effects he needs to fill out the sound he is searching for without the need of a 12 piece band.  Our latest find Dance Of Atoms has the inventiveness covered and now are ready to release their music to the world, and maybe beyond.

Dance Of Atoms

The duo of Atom Man and The Phantom Of Funk are the forces behind Dance Of Atoms.  Their true history is hidden except for the fact that they hail from a small town in the large state of Texas (or at least landed there in their spacecraft years ago).  The sound they produce is an electronic collage of melodic synths, booming bass and dreamy beats underneath a vocal style that draws you in.  This is a unique take on the electro rock genre.

In July, Dance Of Atoms is set to release their debut EP Atom & Eve.  Indie Band Guru got an advance listen and sees this catching the attention of a lot of ears.  The opener “Burn Me Up” is a throwback to an 80’s new wave sound with some updated sonic ability granted by computers.  “The 80’s” continues this feel with its instrumentation but the rap-like vocals and crunchy guitars add a new twist.  The band dives into a cover of Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” but by the time you get to the 1st verse you know they are not out to just re-record that version.  The sound attacks your ears with its jarring mix of angry tones and punk-like vocals.  On the closer “I Can Change” Dance Of Atoms shows a softer side with a more romantic feel even with its poppy beat.  There are many directions this band can go in and we are excited to hear more.  Enter the Dance Of Atoms universe for yourself at:

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