Any musician that want to continue making music must be willing to adapt and change their musical style if need be.  As times change so will your inspirations and feelings toward the music you make.  The Akuna Art Project is a good example of these changes and may now be ready for the masses to hear.

The man behind the project is Philippe Duvignac.  He began making music as a solely instrumental project but was open to adding more and more pieces to satisfy the musical calling.  The second half of last year was dedicated to the recording of his 3rd full length album and taking the time to build a full soundscape.  The backbone of the music is electronic but there are 80’s pop and world music elements added to create something fresh and new.

The first track of the upcoming Poptronic Fantasy album is the mesmerizing “Fly To The Moon”.  The trance like beat takes the listener to another world while the vocals pounce on your soul.  Enjoy the track for yourself here:

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