Over the last few years there has been a giant uptick in quality rock groups consisting of just 2 people.  Who needs all the extra egos when you can create high energy raw rock n’ roll with just a duo?  Our latest find In The Whale fits this mold and is ready to bring their sound to the masses.

In The Whale

Hailing from Denver, Colorado the team of Nate Valdez on vocals/guitar and Eric Riley on drums/backing vocals has set on a path to produce balls to the wall rock music with no excuses since their formation in 2011.  They have networked well and shared the local stages with such touring acts as Murder By Death, Local H, and Electric Six.  In The Whale has hit road hard too playing alongside the likes of The Airborne Toxic Event and Slash.  Their music has been getting noticed and even landed on a national commercial for Victory Motorcycles.  The buzz is building about their raw, high energy sound.

The band’s last release is the EP Nate.  It consists of only 2 songs but the energy inside is not lacking at all.  “Wedding Bells” is a speedy blues rock number that grabs the listener by the throat right from the first notes.  Some different influences of punk and even death metal creep in on “Grandpa Pete”.  It is a powerful in your face track that gets right to the point about a subject that is a little sketchy.  Even though the full EP clocks in at just under 3 minutes, it is obvious that there is an explosion of raw talent that is here for everyone with the balls to listen.  Go check out In The Whale for yourself at:




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