There are always new spins on established music genres popping up all the time.  This is great for bands as each new style builds up its own fanbase that loves finding a niche.  We just came across a new band in a new style that seems to be gaining steam.  Let us introduce you to Blood Sugar Summer.

Blood Sugar Summer

The band is a duo firmly in the doomwave genre.  The style is based on doom metal but adds heavy synth influence and witty production.  The duo is made up of Benjó James (vocals/keys) and Jack Wilson (guitars) who got together to make something original and new.

The first track by Blood Sugar Summer is the epic sounding “Haunted”.  The song sludges forward with a trance-like feel while the vocals are uttered with an intense vibe.  There is a lot of noise filling the soundscape to keep the ear occupied as well as auto-tune and studio effects creating something fresh to listen to.  Keep an eye on Blood Sugar Summer and their new beginnings at:

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