People are inspired by many different things in life to pursue music.  Some of it is positive influences of their parents but other times it is horrible circumstances that drives an artist to success.  Using this can be truly motivating.  This seems to be the case with Argyle Gray.

Argyle Gray

The beatmaker and producer hails from the West Coast of the United States where he has recently reinvented himself  to pursue new projects.  After losing his friend and collaborator Phillip Tyrone Griffin, also known as rapper Priceless Game, he knew changes had to be made to get out his real skills to the world.  His new name Argyle Gray is a play on words from his former elementary school, R. Guild Gray.  There are big things in the work for the artist as he plans a few “must do” projects from his full recording studio in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

We recently got the chance to enjoy Argyle Gray’s latest mixtape Argyle Boom.  The 9 track record is a collection of remixes and a few originally produced songs.  The opening remix of Eminem’s “My Name Is” sets the tone that there will be no slight changes only large genre shifting studio techniques that will turn these songs on their head.  Argyle offers up some sonic explosions and heavy almost EDM style versions of such tracks as 50 Cent’s “Many Men” and Jay Z’s “City Is Mine”.  By the time you reach originals like “Itsy Bitsy” you realize that this is a pure talent in the studio that can go in any direction that he sees fit.  Keep a look out for Argyle Gray’s music coming to a club near you soon.

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