BØRNS Brings Electric Love Live @ Santa Monica Pier


The second week of the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series brought in a record-breaking crowd.

This week’s music genre was indie rock: Porches and headliner BØRNS were scheduled. Access to the main stage was much stricter this time because of the large crowds, and some daredevils even climbed the fence to experience BØRNS perform from his newest album, Dopamine. BØRNS has been streamed over 11 million times on Spotify since October 2014, and the 24-year old singer has made appearances at Pemberton Music Festival and Bonnaroo.

Hours before the night started at 7 p.m., the beach was already filled. Both of the night’s artists’ sounds stem from classic rock, but their use of electronic instruments and higher pitched voices help to keep them in more of the indie pop rock genre.




Week 2 of the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series Begins

Indie band Porches started the night and blew away the crowd with their organic electronic and transcendental rock sounds. This was the first time I heard Porches and, by about 10 seconds into their set, I was hooked.

As a fan of EDM and heavier bass, I was happily surprised with this type of rock. I researched his tracks from his newest EP, Pool, before the concert but I still was blown away at how good singer Aaron Maine sounded live. He danced across the stage during his performance, keeping his glasses on the entire time: too cool for school.

Main players in the music were the use of keyboard and electric drums. Porches had a live band with him, which helped infuse his electronic music with rock elements. The marriage of rock and electronic beat held very well with Porches’ sweet style. This artist and his band were a great opener for BØRNS. It got you in the mood and kept you there. It was also a great sound for the beach — not to crazy but just enough to keep you dancing by yourself.



After Porches walked off, the beach was left with a quiet 30-minute lull while everyone waited for BØRNS and their heartfelt indie.

The crowd roared as BØRNS took the stage and singer Garretts Borns began singing in his high pitched voice. In the crowd, everyone was singing and dancing to the music from Dopamine. Hearts started to beat faster and the roar became louder when the stage let loose large round glowing bounce balls, a perfect neon mood to accompany the neon sound

Along the fences fans crowded to peek at BØRNS on stage (this is around when the aforementioned fence jumping began). No matter if the concert breaks the bank or is completely free, the fence jumpers will come to get as close as they can to the music.

Feel the ‘Electric Love’

When BØRNS performed his top hit “Electric Love,” fans at the stage rushed to get closer and everyone sang along to this electronic love song. BØRNS voice is identical to what you hear in the album, higher pitched in a beautiful, honest way. Nothing is forced and you can tell in his performance he really understands the way his music and voice connect — one without the other wouldn’t work. His voice is very distinct and I love his style of performing: electric and free.

While I was initially looking forward to BØRNS much more so than Porches, I left the pier with a strong need for more Porches. BØRNS is definitely a crowd pleaser and, on the pier, completely delivered. Together, they gave Santa Monica what they needed to start their night off. BØRNS’ and Porches’ indie rock was such a beautiful backdrop to the beach, their music is perfect for summer.

No one left the beach disappointed this night.

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