Brad Byrd Journeys on a Climb with “Highest Mountain”

Brad Byrd

LA songwriter Brad Byrd has released his new album “Highest Mountain” as a personal journey of self-discovery and reflection. It has a rare nostalgic sound that brings listeners back to the “good old days”: a rare quality that is hard for any musician to achieve.

While “Highest Mountain” is deeply vulnerable, one can relate to each song at a raw level. He goes to extreme lengths to put his heart into his music, and that trait does not go unnoticed.

Brad Byrd documents a tragic love story

The main song of the album, “Highest Mountain” is beautifully nostalgic with its poetic storytelling and compelling melodies. Although the song is upbeat and catchy, the narrative is heartbreaking. While the singer goes to vast efforts for his beloved, she does not climb the same heights.

Byrd sings, “I climbed the highest mountain / To see the future is ours / The sun was breaking on the horizon / But you waited.” While a future is within the distance of the lovers, only one chooses to reach towards it and fight for their romance. Listeners are captured by the vulnerability of the lyrics, and Byrd is able to profoundly inspire readers to do the same.

The following song, “Cylinder,” describes the aftermath of such a fallout. Byrd sings, “Forgive and I will / Seems like things are changing / Forget and I will / Or it’s gonna make you hollow, yeah.” While the lovers are still hurting from the past, they can’t help but still try to move on from it.

The last song, “Hard Road,” sums up the album and its message perfectly. “I’ve been seeing much clearer / Coming out of the fog / Took a look in the mirror / To see who I was.” Byrd takes a bold step to publicly proclaim his emotions and deeply connect with his fans.

The album “Highest Mountain” is brilliantly engaging and beautiful. Unlike many other artists, Byrd looks inward rather than outward at culture. The lyrics are utterly raw, with each song depicting a different phase of life. While the artist maintains his own voice and identity, he additionally speaks to those who cannot find their own.

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