Many times what starts out as a solo performer act, over time, turns into a full fledged band with new members each bringing their own experience into the mix.  This creates  natural type of progression that build the music into a true force.  Our recent find Brandon Glovich can relate to this perfectly.

Brandon GLovich

What began as just a man and his guitar has blossomed into a full fledged five piece acoustic rock group with the addition of Luciano Catuogno Jake Fraser Jimmy Moon and Ronnie Kleyzit.  The band out of Central New Jersey has stuck with the name Brandon Glovich to keep the familiarity to the fans along the way.  Although still mainly acoustic there are some strong rock influences present in the group’s music.  Brandon himself grew up in the punk community which helped form this original sound with much higher energy than the standard singer/songwriter fare.  Even though the guys are young there seems to be a sense of the classic 1990’s sound in their sound.

A few weeks ago Brandon Glovich released their official debut album Polysemous for all to hear.  The 13 track record shows off a professionalism way beyond the band members ages.  The opener “Something Special” sets the tone right away with something that is full of instrumental sounds that vary from mellow to anthemic.  On “Seasons” the group blends sounds to create an atmosphere of emotions led by the vocal stylings of Brandon himself.  This is thinking man’s music.  The high energy side is exposed on “Consider This Personal” with a more aggressive tone and an impressive drum and bass beat that forms the basis for the in your face song.  The rock sound is also present on “Through The Windshield” but with the vocals dripping with more feeling letting the listener get fully immersed in the story.  The buildup is perfect with impressive guitars culminating at the climax.  The music slows down a little at the end with “That Kid Must Be Tumblr Famous”.  Here Brandon Glovich lets the lyrics flow fast over a softer melody accompanied with acoustic guitar picking and soft drumming letting the listener complete his experience through the full album with a come down back to real life.

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