There is an infinite amount of ways to make music and an almost limitless amount of instruments to make the sounds that build that music.  The artist that is open to using some innovative, as well as classic sounds, is able to craft something that is truly original.  The recent formation of Weapons Of Minor Disruption is a perfect case of this.

Weapons of minor disruption

The project based out of Seattle, Washington takes a raw alternative rock sound and strips it down to an even rawer and darker personal genre.  This is thinking man’s music.  Instruments included run the gamut from classical guitar and bass to toy maracas and smartphone synthesizer apps.  To put it all together a visit to the legendary Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, WA was needed.  After a Labor Day weekend tucked away inside most of the tracking was done for what would become Weapons Of Minor Disruptions debut EP The Shoreline Sessions.  

The five track record is scheduled for release on January 8th, 2016.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a listen and is still taking it all in.  The opener “Along The Spiral” sets a dark tone of minimalistic alt rock with dreary vocals reaching deep into the listener’s soul.  The raw feeling of “Anthem” paired with an immense energy still seemingly held back leaves you constantly waiting for the explosion.  The attack of the mesmerizing melody draws you in really close with an air of trepidation.  The record turns into an almost acoustic psychedelia on “Ash” with random noises hitting the sonic space from every angle possible.  This is the strangest yet most perfect song on the record to me.  On the closer “The Safe Notes” Weapons Of Minor Disruption tears apart the mainstream pop songwriters that are stuck inside their tiny little box of safety and repetition.  You will hear very few safe notes through The Shoreline Sessions.  Go enter this exotic world for yourself at: 

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