When a young artist show a devotion and a talent for music it needs to be supported and nurtured by parents.  This is never easy to turn that much attention to a child’s potential success but when there seems to be something real there is no obstacle that could hold back a supportive family.  Our recent find is a pair of sisters that have shown the talent and have that family that will do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.  Let us introduce Tory and Tia.

Tory And Tia

The pop duo is made up of two beautiful teenage sisters that work off each other perfectly.  At just 15 and 17 years of age the talents of their father, legendary Ukulele player Troy Fernandez, seem to have transferred to the girls.  After creating a buzz before they even hit their teens in their Pacific Islands homeland with street performances all the way up to playing for the mayor of Honolulu the family of Tory and Tia decided to pick up and head to Los Angeles to give them the best chance possible for pop stardom.  They quickly caught on with Talent Manager Johnny Vieira of J.O.T. S Entertainment (Vanessa Hudgens , Janelle Parish) and Qadree El Amin of Southpaw Entertainment to have a full team ready to push them in the right direction.

Songs are being churned out now to put together an EP and get Tory and Tia in front of as many new fans as possible.  Their lead single is “So Solo”, a fun loving ode to not being tied down with a significant other.  The girls voices harmonize together nicely creating a perfect teen pop song that is produced well and is ready for the mainstream.  The soaring chorus will stick in the heads of many listeners.  There is some dance club fun to be had on “Break Away” with a big beat accompanied with emotion filled vocals drawing the listener in deep.  A more sweet side is shown on “Tell It To My Heart” as the voices of Tory and Tia lead the way over a head bopping melody.  This is music that creates that air of happiness and joy with each listen.  You can keep up with the girls at their Twitter @ToryandTia

or hear some of their music at:  www.reverbnation.com/toryandtia

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