“From Dreams To Screens” LP by Brian Hutson is What Dreams Are Made Of

Brian Hutson

We all have dreams and aspirations. My guess is that Brian Hutson dreamed of show business at an early age. Singing in choir and performing in theatre was the start. Once the Hudson Valley native arrived in the big apple, it’s been full speed ahead. Endorsement deals, touring, recording is all in a day’s work. There’s no rest for the weary. During the day, Brian makes moves on Wall Street. At night, he performs at coveted NYC venues and hotspots. Today, we proudly debut his new album From Dreams To Screens

Complemented with modern sounds and a catchy hook is “One Sided Love”. A simple sweet singular synth melody moves underneath the chorus vocals like a twirling ribbon. An old school jazz vibe brightens the bridge and keeps us on our toes. The pain spoken on “One Sided Love” is a language everyone can understand. Albeit conveyed with a lighthearted touch for a grim reality.

Rich prominent vocals drive the single “This Is It” as warm dreamlike ominous piano notes play behind the vocal line. A Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” feel emanates from the distorted guitar in the chorus. Everything is beautifully layered like the side of tiramisu. Singing candid lyrical despair “This is it, giving up on trust because you always let me down” hits home. Evoking an intensely emotional reflective experience.

Official Lyric Video for “Lights” by Brian Hutson

In my opinion “Lights” is a must listen. Everything is big! Trap drums, big pads, pop components all work together to deliver an anthem. “Lights” is tailored made music for packed clubs, champagne service with glitz and glamour galore. This song is a “certified banger”.  Every part is unique like great chapters in a book.  

Brian Hutson’s new album is pop music for the masses. I truly enjoyed diving into his music, and I love the hustle. I’m inspired. To witness talent and drive be rewarded with opportunities and results is universally inspirational. The album’s songs are flawlessly written. His vocals are top tier and Brian exudes a star’s swagger. I will probably have “Lights” on repeat for the foreseeable future. I’ll be keeping up with Brian’s new releases. You should too.

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