Brooke Candy Releases “Cum ft. Iggy Azalea

Performer, musician, and creative Brooke Candy recently released her music video for “Cum ft. Iggy Azalea,” which is off her debut album SEXORCISM. Brooke Candy describes SEXORCISM as an “inclusive moment of release that hopes to inspire women to be unashamedly creative and unapologetically themselves.”

Other powerful femme icons include Aquaria, Imogen Anthony, Detox, and even Paris Hilton helped put this safe and socially distanced music video together. Directed by Dejan Jovanovic and produced by DE-YAN studio, “Cum ft. Iggy Azalea” is centered around the initiative of “destigmatizing and supporting sex work in a time where more people are earning income through the online sale of erotic content to survive the pandemic.”

“Cum ft. Iggy Azalea” is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those looking for anything and everything sex-positive, this is definitely the place to start! Over the years, artists have been slowly opening the door to the idea of women owning their sexual existence and identity, and it’s only recently that these doors have flooded wide open. It’s unapologetically real and does not shy away from what women never talk about! While the genre isn’t my cup of tea, the insane sexual energy and power emanating from every person on the screen is undeniable!

Director Dejan Jovanovic describes this visual as extremely surreal, and “Brooke Candy’s kind of coming-of-age story.” 

“Sexual expression is so critical to our mental and physical health – now more than ever as we are all living a much more isolated existence,” Brooke boldly shares. “The more we bring these things out from the shadows, the more we invite people to take care of themselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

And you know what? She’s totally right! This is still a taboo idea in the minds of so many people, but its artists such as Brooke Candy that help bring women one step closer to owning their sexuality. 

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(photo credit: Sanchez Alba)

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