There are small pockets of great underground rap throughout the country.  Many of these scenes remain underground but gain large local followings even if there is only a slight chance of widespread success.  They do it more for the passion and thrive with the locale becoming an integral part of the small towns they flourish in.  One local scenester that may be on the verge of a breakout is Brutha Smith.

Brutha Smith

The Sacramento based rapper started back in 2008 and has been hard at work building a loyal local fanbase.  Brutha Smith’s raw energy paired with his open book style that shares his deep thoughts and emotions is very refreshing as he does not hide behind a fake persona.  His music is truly unique and original.  It has been associated with such sub genres as Psychopathic, Subnoize and Strange Music.  It is intelligent and powerful to listen to.

Back on January 5th, Brutha Smith released his latest full length album Effigy.  The 10 track record is a deep and personal look into the heart and mind of the talented artist.  The opening title track “Effigy” sets the stage that you are in for something very different.  Its slow and deliberate tone forces an attentive listen.  The artist opens up his personal life on “Never Knew Him”.  The storytelling style is very relatable and brings his fans into his background that made him the hip hop star he is today.  The fun bouncy beat stands out on “Mamma”.  Your head will be bopping along to the lyrical flow that is shared here.  The spacey and exotic sounds climax on the closer “Freak”.  Odd noises seem to come from every angle that together blend into a beautiful mesh of lyrics and sound.  If you are ready for some truly original hip hip we recommend you give Brutha Smith a listen at

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