Hard work is everything in the music business, especially the hip hop world.  Not everyone is born with the connections that can lead them straight to the top.  Dedication and motivation can overpower these shortcomings.  A recent example of this is our discovery Jermaine Rock.

Jermaine Rock

The artist born on Christmas in Detroit, Michigan was definitely given a gift.  He possesses the flow and hook writing ability to catch the listeners attention.  Jermaine is currently completing his debut mixtape tentatively titled Spiff Nuff Said.  He has not built up the connections needed yet but his hard work will lead to opportunities.

His latest single release is “Work” has a nice head bopping beat and some great verse flow.  The passion shines through as Jermaine Rock powers through the track.  The hook could use a little more work but I know he has it in him after hearing the extremely catchy hook of past tracks like “Touch It”.  Jermaine is on the right track and his hard work will enable him to put it all together before long.  Keep an eye on his potential at: www.Reverbnation.com/JERMAINEROCK


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