An artist that draws inspiration for his songwriting through his real life and not some made up character will always be more relatable and approachable to the fans.  Having the courage to share your personal life story gets easier the more you do it and the songwriting in general becomes a needed release of emotions.  A good example is Willy Breed.

The straightforward hip hop MC and recording Artist was born in 1991 in NY and grew up in Long Island with his parents.  He dedicated his young life to school and graduated Central High School as an honor student even with many obstacles and losses trying to hold him back.  Willy Breed uses this to create his own brand of ‘real’ hip hop that is open to exposing harsh truths and to inspire to overcome.

The latest single “My Life” is the first off his recently released mixtape COld Hard Facts.  It takes a spacey and full beat and details Willy’s day to day struggle as well as giving listeners an inside glimpse into his home life.  He is not afraid to ask for help throughout the impressive lyrical flow.  The change ups in the sound will keep the attention of the audience throughout the full story of the song.  Take a listen here:

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