Cabell Rhode Serves Up “Suspension”

“Suspension” is the newest piece by Cabell Rhode, that challenges the listener’s perceptions. This piece blurs the line both between instrumentation as well as between reality and imagination. In collaboration with Italian pianist Luca Mazillo, Cabell Rhode creates a mysterious texture on this track, reminiscent of impressionist works of music.

Cabell Rhode is an artist that evades being pinned down. Not just a songwriter but he is also an experienced composer. He creates a wide range of music and takes influence from a broad range of artists in many genres. He has spent his life honing his songwriting and composition skills, but recently in 2019 adopted the moniker Cabell Rhode to release music.

Listen To “Suspension” Here

A compelling aspect of “Suspension” is how organic it sounds. The acoustic guitar resonates on top of the shimmering ambiance like a bridge over water. Similarly, the piano grounds the track with its occasional melodic content. Additionally, the sounds of guitar and piano stand out and contrasts the other elements blended together with reverb.

The piano and synths are contributions by Luca Mazillo. The synth pad creates a cloud of the atmosphere within the track. The ambiance goes in and out consequently obscuring and accentuating the other elements of “Suspension”. The shape of this piece is defined by the cello line, a stable element from which the rest of the instrumentation can wander around.

If you enjoyed “Suspension” be sure to check out some of Cabell Rhode’s other works. As a storied composer and songwriter, his catalog is broad and diverse. He has received acclaim for some of his recent projects such as his solo album Love Left Loss as well as venturing into other directions like with his collaborative project Wild Horse.

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