Jon Fuller asks ‘When Did You Get So Damn Scared’

Jon Fuller

As we grow as artists we must learn to get more and more personal. Sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings is what produces real honest music. That is what draws in true fans. Make them love you for more than just the music. Our recent find Jon Fuller has been building to that and may hit it with his upcoming album When Did You Get So Damn Scared.

In what was a terribly difficult year for all of us, Jon Fuller turned inside to make the most of it. The singer-songwriter dealt with Covid-19 like many others, recovered, and put his head down to write some songs. He reached out to friend and producer Dan Kleederman about some collaboration. That quickly turned into a full length album that pours out anything that Jon Fuller had still been holding inside.

Scheduled for an April 29th release, When Did You Get So Damn Scared is Jon’s most epic and honest record to date. As we dive into “How Long” we can sense that honesty in a warm way. The full spectrum of sound is filled with this cozy and relatable energy.

Perhaps the most personal is “Stepping Stone” as Jon Fuller chronicles an early adolescent same-sex crush and the dizzying heights and overwhelming lows it entailed. Again the smooth elegance of the music provides an easy background to absorb the openness the songwriter is willing to share. 

Some real diversity can be heard on “Gonna Have Fun Today” as Jon offers up a jazzy side. The happy emotions come through well with a vocal delivery that is smooth and entrancing. A more aggressive and political side is shown on “Burn It Down.” Here Jon Fuller shares his real feelings with the wild world we currently live in. The power hungry politicians are under attack from the songwriter as he calls out their falsehoods. Energetic piano, guitar, and vocal style turn up the force.

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